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Pic of the Day: Diddy Kong Returns!

Diddy’s Kong-quest of Smash!

It was no real surprise that we would get a character reveal with the launch of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The pattern thus far has been that major releases coincide with a character reveal. But those hoping for a new addition to the Smash roster were perhaps a bit disappointed that we received another veteran. It’s silly to be, though- the pattern has only fit veteran reveals, not new characters. Those have only been with Nintendo Directs, and we -just- got Little Mac.

His rocketbarrels will have more of a horizontal kick to them, if you’d like!

From what little there is to tell, it would appear that Diddy remains largely unchanged from his Brawl self. He still appears to toss banana peels, fire his peanut popper gun, and use barrels to recover.

Looks like Team Diddy’s blasting off agaaaain!

Something I’d like to see out of an alternate costume for Diddy Kong would be a Dixie Kong outfit. I know, we’re getting a little gender-bendy here, but let’s face it facts; it makes more sense than Dixie Kong being her own character. I figure it’s either that or a Lanky Kong pair of suspenders just because.

And hold this pose for 20 minutes and relax.

How do you feel about the return of Diddy? Excited? Are you positively bananas over it? Comments below are a great way to discuss!