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Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: Fox!

The Starship Pilot Returns


One of the original Smash participants, Fox has managed to maintain a fairly consistent status quo. Despite having been cloned twice over, more or less, I think he needs to stay relatively the same. I mean we shouldn’t go breaking the wheel here; it’s the clones who need to switch up their game a bit more, not the original.

Body slam!
Body slam!

I’m a huge fan of this design for Fox, and I’m glad to see them sticking with it. It looks more rough and tumble, and I always kind of pictured Fox as a Captain Kirk kind of captain. Also, I just like the more vibrant palette, though I do wish they’d dial back the weasel head a bit. I want alternate costumes for everybody as unlockable goodies in the next Smash, and I think borrowing from his Assault design would be a great second costume. It’s a little more spacey and a little less roguish, but I still find it plenty iconic enough of the furred flyer.

Race to the finish!
Race to the finish!

I’m going to come out and say it: The Landmaster was a terrible Final Smash. It was insanely overpowered. It wasn’t as bad, or bugged, as Falco’s, but there were just too many ways to kill a person with it. Come next Smash, perhaps he could have something¬†something a little more kind, like a sniper bullet to the head. Seriously, though, perhaps a Smash more akin to a high powered weapon upgrade from Slippy¬†teleported onto the field and allowing him to go gun-crazy. Or a Call of Duty¬†assault where his Arwing just lowers and starts laying into people on the field. You know. That perk.


Being his fourth return, and judging by all the vids so far, there’s nothing terribly new to discuss with Fox. It’s a might bit boiler-plate, but maybe there’s something I’m missing! Feel free to discuss this devilishly handsome fighter pilot from space down below!