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Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: My Music Wishlist for Rhythm Heaven

Heaven must by missing rhythms.

MonkeyWatch   Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with track ideas for a staged based around a series of rhythm games? I mean, let’s just go ahead and assume that medley’s are going to be used right now, alright? The best I can do at this point is pick the songs I think are the best for whatever barely excusable reason I can drum up. So let’s do this after the jump!

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Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: Princess Peach!

Peachy Keen


Princess Peach returns to us, as expected, in all her pink-dressed glory. Excluding Samus, who many forget even is a woman, Peach was one of the first femme fatals in the series. And beneath that seemingly vapid facade lies the thirst for blood that years of abduction has carefully honed into a weapon that would Liam Neeson’s voice quiver.

There’s not a whole lot to say right now about what she looks like she’s as gorgeously rendered as you’d expect. She also appears to return with her fondness for crown slapping which is always appreciated!


One thing that comes to us that is of interest is Mr. Sakurai’s comment that her moves might be refreshed by launch. It’s interesting that he brings it up because we have yet to see any sort of game play for her. While it is expected that some things will be different here and there for all fighters, there’s no reason to believe that Peach would be terribly different from her past incarnations. The question now is: what does this mean? Are we talking re-balanced specs or are we talking brand new attacks. I certainly would appreciate seeing some new maneuvers out of a lot of our fighters to help make the next games feel fresh. Was this comment targeted at Peach directly? Was he perhaps referring to special attacks, or even Final Smashes being reworked anyone? It’s hard to say exactly what that statement means, and honestly I’m probably digging too much.

“Keep your eyes on the birdy!”

With peach returning, there a few things that I personally would like to see out of our glorious princess. Super Princess Peach was a damn great platformer, and I think it’s a shame that nothing from that ended up in Smash Bros. Brawl. Her Final Smash was a rain of peaches and a song that put everybody to sleep. First of all: the lullaby should have been Jigglypuffs, and second of all, why not one of Peach’s hilarious temperamental power-ups from Super Princes Peach? Her rage mode in that game set her on fire and made her invincible for a period as she ran around the stage. Alternatively, go with her Gloom power where twin torrents spray from her eyes and use those Havoc Engine physics to force foes off the stage as she runs at them.

Hell hath no fury, etcetera, etcetera.

Talking about the return of Peach also presents a new shot at one of my favorite topics: alternate costumes! In the past we’ve seen her color swaps feature the coloration of Daisy. In my personal opinion Daisy is perhaps more deserving of her own character slot, but in my head she’s also in sports gear. More to the point, Peach should move past pallet swapping and go for a costume with a little more oomph. My first, and favorite, thought is that we go with her sporty summer outfit from Super Mario Sunshine. Or we could even go a bit more risque and go with Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

As if there was any doubt, Peach has returned. Let’s see what our fair maiden brings to the table this time around! What do you think? Were you hoping for more of a redesign? Are you intrigued by Sakurai’s words? Speak your mind in the comments below!


Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: Fox!

The Starship Pilot Returns


One of the original Smash participants, Fox has managed to maintain a fairly consistent status quo. Despite having been cloned twice over, more or less, I think he needs to stay relatively the same. I mean we shouldn’t go breaking the wheel here; it’s the clones who need to switch up their game a bit more, not the original.

Body slam!
Body slam!

I’m a huge fan of this design for Fox, and I’m glad to see them sticking with it. It looks more rough and tumble, and I always kind of pictured Fox as a Captain Kirk kind of captain. Also, I just like the more vibrant palette, though I do wish they’d dial back the weasel head a bit. I want alternate costumes for everybody as unlockable goodies in the next Smash, and I think borrowing from his Assault design would be a great second costume. It’s a little more spacey and a little less roguish, but I still find it plenty iconic enough of the furred flyer.

Race to the finish!
Race to the finish!

I’m going to come out and say it: The Landmaster was a terrible Final Smash. It was insanely overpowered. It wasn’t as bad, or bugged, as Falco’s, but there were just too many ways to kill a person with it. Come next Smash, perhaps he could have something something a little more kind, like a sniper bullet to the head. Seriously, though, perhaps a Smash more akin to a high powered weapon upgrade from Slippy teleported onto the field and allowing him to go gun-crazy. Or a Call of Duty assault where his Arwing just lowers and starts laying into people on the field. You know. That perk.


Being his fourth return, and judging by all the vids so far, there’s nothing terribly new to discuss with Fox. It’s a might bit boiler-plate, but maybe there’s something I’m missing! Feel free to discuss this devilishly handsome fighter pilot from space down below!


Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: Pilotwings!

Come Fly the Unfriendly Skies

xO0dnEOI’ve known about Pilotwings for a while. As somebody who used to read every Nintendo Power magazine, I’ve always been keenly aware of its existence, and more or less aware of what it was. But I had never played one until Pilotwings Resort came out for the 3DS. I know, I’m a rotten human. For what it’s worth, I rather liked Pilotwings Resort, and it drove me to go check out the original on the Wii’s Virtual Console. I’ve come back to report that either I or that game are terrible, perhaps both, and that I am no closer to understanding the concept of a Pilotwings stage.

Fortunately, it’s just airplanes and skydiving, so there’s not a whole lot to get.

The reveal screenshot from smashbros.com, showing off a Pilotwings image from the SNES.

Without knowing exactly what this stage is about, I can tell you right now that I am glad to see any and all Mode 7 references in Smash Bros. for Wii U. That does, however, create an interesting thought: why is this a Wii U stage? If it was just Pilotwings from the SNES version it would fit because Wii U stages are meant to be pulled from console iterations of games. But Wuhu Island from Pilotwings Resort is clearly in the background, and that was a 3DS title. The question is: Is Wuhu Island just a wink and a nudge to Pilotwings Resort, while in this otherwise SNES focused stage? Or is this what they’re really blowing the island?

The original Pilotwings stage.

Anyone that thought Wuhu Island wasn’t going to feature prominently somewhere in the next Smash Bros. was keenly lying to themselves. It’s easily one of the biggest “characters” Nintendo has created in the past decade, and it was only a matter of “how” it was going to appear, not “if.” But I don’t know that I wanted it like this. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Pilotwings Resort, but to use that as the sole appearance of the island? I really hope this is just a bit of an in-joke if you wedge the camera to far to one side, and not indicative of Wuhu’s full-fledged presence.

To adventure!
To adventure!

On one hand, it would make sense that flying all around the island on a bi-plane was the level. With as much space as that island has, it had to obvious that there would be a rotating stage element to it. With Skyloft taking the approach of Brawl‘s Delfino Island, it kind of figured that the only thing left would be a Aero Dive style stage with a singular platform (in this case, a biplane) that moves all around the environment. Even if we were using the fact that Wuhu Island was primarily focused in Wii Fit and Wii Sports: Resort, it would still make the most sense. Remember, there was a biplane flying diversion in Wii Sports: Resort, so it’s not entirely out of left-field.

Pilotwings Resort
Flying high!

Fortunately (or not?) we don’t know all the details, and Wuhu still has a chance to be it’s own stage(s), which I believe it rightly deserves. This isn’t some random Pokemon in the background, or Animal Crossing villagers throwing down a midnight K.K. Rave. This is one of the most iconic characters for Smash, and while it can’t have it’s own roster slot (*snrk*), it needs it’s own stage slot, not tacked on to arguably the most irrelevant title for it to star in yet.


There’s still plenty of more time before we see anything! But what do you think, readers? Do you want Pilotwings to wrap around Wuhu, or do you want something more? Do you think Wuhu Island will be it’s own beast, and do you even want that? (Note: Too bad, because it’s happening.) Feel free to discuss in the comments section below!