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Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: Pikmin and Olimar

The Explorer in a Strange Land

Marching towards duty!
Marching towards duty!

Returning from his debut in Smash Bros. Brawl, this happenin’ captain is bringing back his army of slaves companions to take on all comers in Nintendo’s all-star smackdown!

Olimar’s sporting a much more detailed look this time around, updated for his appearance in Pikmin 3 with more colorful suit buttons and a built-in helmet whistle. Curiously, he’s lacking two of his new companionsT The winged and rock Pikmin are nowhere to be found… yet. Rumor has it that’s because somebody else from the Pikmin series might be joining, like Charlie or (fate’s willing) Brittany. But those can be discussed in more depth at another time!


Olimar was a surprisingly useful character, once you got to know him in Brawl. His requirement to yank up certain Pikmin and keep them in a rotation could easily be disrupted by your opponents, making life a little difficult. In return, his quick, almost unpunishable attacks made him quite a force to be reckoned with. Me? I just loved whipping Pikmin at people from a distance, laughing, and then running away.

I believe I've Pik'd your Poison for you, Mario!
I believe I’ve Pik’d your poison for you, Mario!

I don’t honestly see a lot changing with the ol’ cap, not unless we’re mixing in his new companions. Maaaybe we’ll see an update to his specials to reorganize them a bit? I dunno. I would like to see something more effective than the Pik-whip for recovery… That thing’s painful.

Oo, hey, girrrl!
Oo, hey, girrrl!

If alternate costumes become a thing, I think a Louie costume is a surefire bet. Another neat look might feature Olimar sans his glass helmet, or even in a giant patchwork Pikmin costume! He could have different colors for each of the different types of buggers!

"We sincerely hope that it's eyesight is based on motion..."
“We sincerely hope that its eyesight is based on motion…”

The most exciting thing about today’s announcement is that we may continue to see periodic announcements! It’s been roughly a month since Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS were announced, so it’s not going to be the daily updates we were used to with Brawl, at least not yet. But even if it’s just confirmed characters returning, I’ll take whatever I can get! Any news is good news!

What think you of Olimar’s return? Excitement? Ambivalence? Frothing hatred? Electrify my brain with your glorious thoughts below!

Oh, and here’s a gallery: