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Smash Bros. TNG Wishlist – Pushmo

The Big Push

Pushing Onwards
Pushing Onwards

The eShop has been kind of the bastion for newer ideas from Nintendo as of late. Chief among them is the critically acclaimed Pushmo. As its name implies, the game is about moving blocks forward and backward to create platforms to climb your way to the top. It’s really a clever little game and charming as hell. It would also make a great place to set a stage for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

When I originally started thinking about a Pushmo stage, it just involved the little red sumo guy, Mallo, moving parts of the stage around and forcing the battle to ebb and flow along it. But that didn’t feel big enough. I had a much more grand idea: turn Pushmo into the new scrolling stage, akin to Rumble Falls.

Are you telling me you -wouldn’t- want to fight on a giant blocky hamburger? I don’t even wanna live in your world.

The idea is that the little sumo dude is pushing and moving blocks and climbing along at the bottom of the stage, while redirecting the platforms that the combatants have to thrash upon. There could be cute little NES sprites formed in the blocks along the way, and as the stage gets higher, it just goes into space until finally reaching a pinnacle that shifts around a bunch until it all comes Crashmo-ing down to start over.

Balloon Fighter could be one of many references hidden in the stage as the fight takes upwards.
Balloon Fighter could be one of many references hidden in the stage as the fight takes upwards.

A lot of people on the internet have suggested Mallo himself become a playable character for the next Smash Bros. games. While I think it’s cute, I definitely don’t see that needing to happen. He has no moves, there’s not a lot to reference, and even among recent eShop characters, I can think of better candidates. *Cough*Dillon*cough*. That said, Pushmo and Mallo definitely deserve a home SOMEWHERE in Smash, and I think this stage is the perfect fit.

But what about my readers? Surely both of you have an opinion? Perhaps you’d care to share it? That would be so lovely!