Smash Bros. – The Next Generation Stage: Sonic Lost World’s Windy Hill

What once was lost… now hastily cobled together screenshots to form a vague image.
…is now hastily cobbled together screenshots to form a vague image.

With the recent announcement of Sonic returning to Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS, there was much excitement that the speedster would be back for another round. Me? I’m a stage guy more than anything, so I decided to dig up all the video footage and screenshots I could, add a little digital duct tape, and try and figure out just what is going on in Sonic’s new stage.

The new stage, clearly modeled after Sonic Lost World‘s Windy Hill level, appears to have a bit of a rolling structure. While trying to piece this screenshot together, I noticed some pieces weren’t lining up, and upon investigating the video I noticed that the stage is built on a rounded surface that rotates a bit with the camera. Whether just a change in perspective due to focusing on one character, or an overall camera tilt, I am unsure. A fully circular stage with a central gravity that tugs you back to the middle would be incredibly unique, but would it be a Sonic stage when it could be a Mario Galaxy stage?

There’s really not much else to notice yet. There is likely more to do to the left and right; you can see a swinging platform on the right on the peak of it’s swing. I also imagine there’s more going on to he left. I hope we get a better screenshot because this is only making me more curious! At this point this stage is either going to be an auto-scroller like Mushroomy Kingdom, or it’s going to be SmashU’s Hyrule Temple.

Just what would a Sonic Lost World stage sound like? Let’s pick out a few likely candidates and personal favorites and lay ’em out under the jump!

Sonic Lost World – Windy Hill

The Windy Hill’s own theme will likely feature prominently alongside a mixture of classic and modern Sonic songs. Hopefully most of them are taken from Sonic Generations but that’s just because that game kind of already did everything we need in terms of Sonic music!

Sonic Heroes – Opening Theme

With Sonic, I think it’s a good time to state this: In most cases I’m going to assume that the previous soundtrack from Smash Bros. Brawl, Melee, and 64 are all going to return. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, and maybe some of the tracks will get remixed somehow. That’s awesome! I hope we get all that and then some! But for the purposes of this list, we’re going to pretend that’s the default, and the only reason Sonic Heroes is being relisted is because it was in Sonic’s announcement trailer. And it’s catchy as fuck.

Sonic Heroes – What I’m Made Of

“Let me show you who I am, and what I”m here for! Here for!
Trying to reach inside of me! Trying to get my effigy!
Let me show you just what! I’m! Made! Of!
Simple curiosity! Trying to take a part of me!
Let me show you what! I’m! Made! Of!”


It’s like the “Live and Learn” of Sonic Heroes. I think it works!

Sonic Colors – Reach for the Stars

I can’t stop loving this song. It’s fast paced, it’s dramatic, and it’s colorful! Just like Sonic should be. A perfect fit for Windy Hills.

Sonic Unleashed – Apotos – Windmill Island Day

Windy Hills? Windy Mills. Shut up and go with it. A little samba drum and bass is always on tap as far as I’m concerned. I can almost feel the sun on my face and see the European shores in the distance. No lies I kind of wanted a stage based on this, but I’ve got a thing for that Western European stucco design. In lieu of a stage, I humbly request a song!

Sonic Generations – City Escape (Classic)

Somehow! Someway! Somebody over at Smash forgot to put City Escape into the last game. No worries, though! It turns out SEGA made a better one (with the help of Crush40) for Sonic Generations, so we can just use that now!

Sonic Generations – Sonic Racing

I’d like to introduce you… to my companion…

This is happening; you can’t stop it.

Sonic Generations – Chemical Plant Zone

Alternatively, Sky Sanctuary (Modern), Green Hill Zone (Classic), or Stardust Speedway (bad future). Take your pick. Or the End Credits medley.

Sonic Spinball – Toxic Caves

It really doesn’t fit the stage, does it? That’s not stopping me, I just want to acknowledge that I am aware of precisely how crazy I am.

Now keep in mind this is just for a Wii U focused stage. I have plenty more to talk about a 3DS stage in the future…

Thoughts on the stage? Classic tracks I missed? Love to hear ’em!

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