Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: Rosalina

The Observer from Outer Space!


I have a straight crush on Rosalina. She’s the epitome of a smart, classy, powerful woman. She isn’t overly flirtatious, she isn’t some cold-hearted bad-ass, and she never, ever gets kidnapped. She rules a flying space station, and oh yeah, she’s like 7 feet tall.

And she’s finally in Smash Bros.

She’s been towards the top of my most wanted list for a while now. I play her in Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D World, and I’ll play her in any party game they want to throw her in. And now? I just might main her in Smash.

You may all fawn over me.
You may all fawn over me.

Rosalina looks like an interesting character, judging from her announcement trailer. Her key “gimmick” seems to focus around the use of a Luma, a star-shaped critter from the Mario Galaxy series, as a sort of extension of herself. If I were a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan, I wouldn’t put it to far to say it’s her stand. She summons it, and she can direct it from afar to do her dirty work. If it gets knocked out? Simple enough, just summon a new one (presumably). She’s one part Ice Climbers and one part Olimar/Pikmin.

Luma, NO!
Luma, NO!

Another interesting facet of her is her deflection that seems to bend physics around her. She can summon items to her location (which I love, as an item-hog), and she can redirect projectiles around her, presumably maintaining their direction and velocity. The trailer shows a lot of different abilities for her, and it’s hard to get a pretty hard hit on what it is exactly that she does, but the folks over at Smash Boards have done a great job analyzing her moveset further!


There’s no word yet on her Final Smash. I’m assuming it’s going to involve summoning down the Galactic Observatory from space to blow up the stage, but honestly that seems a little too easy. I look forward to seeing what she can bust out when the Smash Ball is in her control.

The roster is proving to be a personal favorite, as they’re picking all of my most wanted characters (and even one I didn’t know I wanted as badly as I do!) What do you think of the first newcomer announced since Wii Fit Trainer?

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