Smash Bros.: The Next Generation – Mario Galaxy’s Gateway Galaxy

In space, everyone can hear you Smash!

A long while ago there was a teaser image on the Smash Bros Miiverse Community featuring Kirby with a hammer. The background of that image was a of a gorgeous celestial sight we hadn’t yet seen in Smash Bros. 4, and there was a strangely familiar glow to Kirby’s body. Now we know we were right when we thought it was a hint for a Mario Galaxy stage! This one is based loosely off the Gateway Galaxy stage, as evident by the large house and twisty dirt road. This one doesn’t feature all the same terrain, as it appears a small forest has sprouted up in the background!

Seriously though, look how cute he is!
Seriously though, look how cute he is!

There was a secondary post in this weeks mention of a Mario Galaxy stage, mentioning that there was relative gravity to the stage. If you look you can see how the stage has a curved surface, as opposed to the flat ones we’re used to. But you don’t remain straight walking up and down that hill like you might in the hills on Yoshi’s Island and in Distant Planet stages. Instead, characters will find gravity pulling them always towards the center of the planetoid, and thus if you’re standing on, say, the left edge, jumping will not take you straight up from the perspective of your TV, but will take you away from the center of the planet, just like it would in Mario GalaxyNow, if you haven’t played the titular game from the level, you might find this more than disorienting, but if you have, you may just find this to be a unique experience for Smash!

With this kind of relative positioning, I wonder if this will be a “Tourney legal” stage?

References to the Mario Galaxy series include the Face Ship, Captain Toad’s ship, and Bowser’s star-bound Air Ships. I have yet to see any signs of the star-eared bunnies, but there are some strange planetoids floating on just the right edge of the topmost image. Whether those are part of the background or something that interacts with the players is unknown thus far. There’s also a few neat little platforms that serve platformy purposes! I’d imagine they move around but I don’t know. There’s also speculation that the stage itself moves round, but we’ll see about that! If it does, I wonder if our perspective will be forced to rotate with it or if it’ll be like running on top of a giant hamster wheel.

The Face-ship flies by Petey Piranha the Dinosaur’s egg from Good Egg Galaxy! In short: REFERENCES!

The Music Wishlist for Gateway Galaxy

It’s to be noted that I originally had a lot more music, but the more I went through the Galaxy albums, the more I realized that everything else should get shoved onto it’s own stage, and this should be all exclusively the brilliant orchestral tracks that we got from two of the greatest video games ever put to disc. I kept a few extras, but this list is extensive so prepare for a lot of good music after the jump!

Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy

The ol’ 3G stage is arguably the best theme in this entire game. The guitar, the harp and horn, and the grand climactic pieces come together to make an all you can eat audio buffet.

Super Mario Galaxy – Comet Observatory

Simply because it’s not “exciting,” I can see this song getting overlooked, but I find that criminal because it’s just so good!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Yoshi Star Galaxy

Dat. Brass.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Hightail Falls Galaxy

Get a little Super Mario World mixed in with frantic pianos, and I say we’ve got a good fit!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Supermassive Galaxy

Another mixture of classic Mario music. Honestly I could take or leave this one, but I felt it was important to include.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Honeyhop Galaxy

Somebody should be brought to court if this song doesn’t make it into the next Smash Bros, because it’ll be an absolute crime.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Starship Mario 3

It’s got more pepper than the Cosmic Observatory, so between the two I feel it has the better shot, but I think they should both show up!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Throwback Galaxy

Yes. Yesyesyes. Yes. Yes. Yesyes. Yes. Yes. This is happening.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Fleet Glide Galaxy

Another great theme from Mario Galaxy 2! Such a good soundtrack!

Super Mario 3D World – Theme

So with this game coming out so soon, I highly suspect we won’t see a Super Mario 3D World stage. Mostly because we already have a Super Mario 3D -Land- stage. So with that in mind, I still want this bouncy theme to show up, and since it’s a console game, it should show up here!

Super Mario Sunshine – A Secret Course

Mario Galaxy started here. An arguable point, but it’s hard not to see the lineage between the secret courses in Mario Sunshine and the Galaxy twins. It seems obvious to me that this song should be included, given that.

So what do you think of the new stage? Excited for the gravity mechanic? What do you want to see in the background or in the music? What other Mario Stages sound good? Leave some comments to discuss!


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