Smash Bros. Pic of the Day: Healing in a bottle!

I’m a Fairy in a bottle, baby


A new healing item is on the way, and according to Sakurai, it sounds like it’s going to be able to fully heal anyone that grabs it, even if you’re over 100% damage. That’s a lot, seeing as how the Heart Piece currently caps at 100%. What will be really interesting to see is how the item drops; if there’s any sort of physics to it, it’ll create an even more frantic scramble.

Also, isn’t Bowser just the cutest in this picture? He’s just so damn excited for that fairy bottle!

What do you think? Doesthis update even matter for you, you items-off playing types? Or are you like what I used to be and turn off game-changers like healing items and Starmen? Sound off below!

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