Smash Bros Hype: My 5 Most Wanted Songs

Sounds of Smash

The music of Smash Bros. is probably my favorite aspect of the series. It’s a place where all of my favorite tunes from a wide variety of Nintendo games that I love come together in one place. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the team at Nintendo went well above and beyond to bring over 200 amazing tunes into one game, and between both of the new Smash Bros. games coming out, they’re looking to do it all again. But very little has actually been shown in terms of new music tracks. We’ve seen a few titles posted like in the Pic of the Day above, and they’ve added a few samples to their website, but for the most part the music is unknown. I’ve spent far too much time thinking about it, and these are the top 5 tracks in ALL of Nintendo history, and then some, that I would love to see show up in the next Smash Bros. games.

5. WarioWare DIY – Body Rock

Super Smash Bros. Brawl surprised me with the high-quality arrangements of the zany music I fell in love with in the Wario Ware series. “Ashley’s Theme,” “Mona’s Pizza,” and “Mike’s Theme” were all fantastic, and if that same treatment could be applied to my more recent favorite Wario Ware tune, that would be the best.

4. Sonic Generations – Super Sonic Racing

Although the original song is great, this arrangement of the theme to Sonic R is the superior version. Featured in Sonic Generations, this remix boasts higher quality beats, auto-tuned goodness, and a reference to an obscure DreamCast commercial. What’s not to like?

3. Mii Plaza – Puzzle Swap

Somebody over at Smash HQ has to recognize that this is the most insanely catchy tune on the 3DS right now. There’s a stage based on the Find Mii Street Pass game, and this just has to be a tune on that stage. Or any stage, really. I’m pretty flexible that way.

2. Pokemon Black and White – Team Plasma Theme

People tend to underestimate the Pokemon soundtracks, I think. They are surprisingly advanced in some regards, and in the Black and White series, they showed a lot of maturity and evolution for how games and music interact. But in terms of raw quality, nothing, in my eyes, beat out the incredible track that was Team Plasma’s theme. A good guitar riff combined with some excellent electronic beats could make an awesome arrangement of an already brilliant song.

1. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX – Pac Rainbow

Alright, so here’s the thing. Nintendo and Bandai-Namco teamed up to give us Pac-Man in the next Smash Bros. That’s fine; he’s like their mascot. I get it. But it’s still kind of weird. I mean it’s Pac-Man. But I can deal with it. And you know what would help me deal with it? This song. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is not just a bloody amazing game, it also has one of the most fantastic soundtracks out there. And thrashing my friends in a match of Smash to this track would be an incredible highlight to the new games.

It was hard to highlight only 5 tracks, but there you have them. There’s so many more games with such great soundtracks, that I could talk to you about music for hours. You’d probably hate me by the end; of that I’m sure. “Ok, Randy!” you’d say. “We get it! Kid Icarus Uprising has an amazing soundtrack!”

You’re damn right it does.

What all tracks do you think should be included? Any favorites you’d love to throw down during a match? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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