Smash Bros. Hype: My 5 Most Wanted New Characters

In a perfect world, these challengers would approach.

It seems almost pointless to still talk about characters I want to see in the next iteration of Smash Bros. Between all the announcements we already have and the supposed leaks of upcoming reveals, there doesn’t seem to be much room left for speculation. But that’s not going to stop me. If nothing else, we can consider these ideas for future installments in the series.

5. Bayonetta

We’ll go ahead and file this one under “wishful thinking,” but if we get any other third party characters, I’d love for it to be the queen witch herself. Nintendo would have to take some strides to keep her from being too risque, most notably keeping her clothes on, but with Bayonetta’s wide array of weapons and combos, there’s plenty to draw on for her abilities.

She could have her different designs between the first and second games as costume swaps, never mind all the actual costumes she has in game. For a Final Smash, we could see her summon any number of her demon friends to wreak havoc on the other Smashers.

4. Prince Fluff

Kirby’s Epic Yarn was one of my favorite games of the past generation. It’s abundant charms still delight me some 4 years later. Fun fact: It was originally not going to be a Kirby game, and featured Prince Fluff as the main character. I think it would be novel to see Fluff get his chance to shine in Smash as a unique, yarn-based fighter, with many moves revolving around transforming himself into different objects, much like he and Kirby did in Epic Yarn.

3. King Hippo

I like to play as big characters, and King Hippo is one the most recognizable faces in Punch-Out!! Put those two things together and you have a fairly reasonable fighter with some slow, but devastating moves. Like Little Mac, he would be terrible at recovering, but he’d have enough weight to keep him from going to far at any given time.

2. Dark Samus

At this point, we know she (it?) is already an assist trophy, but in a future version of the series, I’d like to see her get an upgrade to the roster. I don’t know if she would be relevant enough, though, so this one is probably just going to be more wishful thinking.

My idea here isn’t just a simple Samus clone, although there would be some similarities. In my mind, she hovers around like Mewtwo, and has very feral attacks with her arm cannon and claws. Her blasts are sharp and fast, without much charge. And just like we’ve seen from her Assist Trophy, she could summon crazy energy tentacles to attack her foes.

1. Professor Layton

I have to assume at some point that this character is in no way owned by Nintendo, even though he appears exclusively on the Nintendo platforms. I thought the Professor Layton titles were like Pokemon, owned by Nintendo but made by another company. In any case, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see it, but that doesn’t stop me from always wanting it.

Professor Layton could attack with some light sword work, a Slot Machine Gun, and various puzzle elements to attack his foes. Imagine him throwing a row of matchsticks that all ignite like a PK Fire on his foes. You may say he’s not a fighter, but he’s done more fighting than the Villager or Wii Fit Trainer ever did, and look how well those turned out.

And there you have my list. As I was writing this out, I realized I was kind of scraping the B Team for some of these, and it made me hopeful to see new franchises from Nintendo over the next few years. Who would you like to see included in the next Smash Bros.? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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