E3 Report! Nintendo Posts Indie Trailer Avalanche

So many trailers, so little time!

Apparently Nintendo decided to dump roughly 20 trailers for eShop and indie titles onto YouTube without telling anybody. I’m sure there will be a sizzle real for this tomorrow, but it’s nice to see each game get it’s own minute to two-minute trailer. Below are 10 trailers, hand-picked from the bunch by me, to highlight the best of what’s coming on the Wii U and 3DS eShops.

Just click on the title of the game to view the video!

STARWHAL: Just the Tip for Wii U

I’m going to break my own rule and start the show with the show stopper. The rest of these games are good, but STARWHAL is in a league of it’s own.

Armillo E3 Trailer for Wii U

This one looks like part Super Monkey Ball and part Sonic the Hedgehog. It could end up being really cool!

Gunman Clive 2 for Nintendo 3DS E3 Trailer

Gunman Clive was a cute little platformer in the vein of Mega Man on the 3DS a couple years ago. A sequel coming to the 3DS looks to push the envelope in some crazy awesome directions. If you haven’t, I recommend checking out the original. It’s cheap and short, but well worth your attention.

Whoa Dave! for Nintendo 3DS

I’m still not sure what I just watched but I think I’m on board.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for Nintendo 3DS             

The Phoenix Wright saga isn’t really an indie title, but if you’ve never tried out these games, this is the best way to do it. They updated the visuals for the 3DS. These games are some of the best in adventure game play and writing, so I highly recommend giving this a shot!

Teslagrad for Wii U Launch Trailer

I’m worried it’s a little too slow, but the gameplay looks clever enough to keep my attention.

Chromophore: The Two Brothers Director’s Cut E3 Trailer for Wii U

I’d never heard of this game before now but I’m pretty sold. Very Secret of Mana looking with cool retro visuals.

6180 the moon Teaser Trailer for Wii U

I love a good minimalist style game, so this has my interest piqued. For the right price I’ll definitely be on board.

A.N.N.E Teaser Trailer for Wii U

No idea what gameplay looks like but visually, this game is quite adorable!

Moon Chronicles [ep. 2] for Nintendo 3DS Announce trailer

And finally, if you haven’t checked out part 1 of Moon Chronicles, I highly recommend you do. Here’s the trailer for part 2. It’s a very Metroid-lite kind of game with a cool sci-fi story.

So those are it! Which ones are your favorite? For the rest of the indie trailers, check out Nintendo’s YouTube page.

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