Breakdown: Persona 5 Trailer

We’re not in Inaba anymore.

Atlus recently launched a full trailer for Persona 5, and it looks grand. You can watch it above and then join me below as I discuss some elements of the trailer that caught my interest.

The most interesting thing is that the protagonist and his friends appear to be ne’er-do-wells in this game. That’s a stark contrast to the goody-goody detective squad we’re used to in Persona 4. They appear fancy free and happy about their nefarious deeds. Another stark contrast to Persona 3’s ultra grim cast. The evidence is all over the place in this video that the main character is a Lupin the 3rd style thief, perhaps with some good intentions, but a thief never the less.

For starters, we see him breaking into a ritzy joint and then have to escape, only to be caught by what I assume are the police. It also appears that he isn’t welcome into The Velvet Room, as we see him behind bars and guarded by his eye-patch sporting Velvet Room attendants. The goal of The Velvet Room is to lead guests to their destiny, it’s never said that they have to like their guests. I think this is a great new dynamic, if this is truly the direction they’re going.

Something else that caught my attention was the way the menus move. Storekeepers don’t just remain idle while you flip through different menus, they reposition themselves with swift, dynamic actions every time you select a new option. It’s not much in the way of changing gameplay, but visually, it’s absolutely stunning. Elements like this are what separate the Persona series above their contemporaries, and even still, Persona 5 is smashing it’s predecessors into the ground.

There are elements of Personas 1 and 2 that are reappearing in this game, judging from the trailer. You can equip a melee weapon and a gun, which I believe was also in Shin Megami Tensei IV and/or Strange Journey, so you could start to see applications if you’ve played either of those. Also, in an attack sequence, you see that the party isn’t fighting Shadows but is in fact fighting Personas/Demons. This was how things were done in the original two Persona games, so there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing demon communications return as well. It also might mean that the Persona you start with is your Persona throughout the game, rather than trading him off for a Pixie in the first 15 minutes of your first dungeon crawl. I’m very excited to see how this all will work in the coming months as more is revealed about the game.

As a side note, that new All-Out Attack animation is simply breathtaking.

I think it’s important to talk about the cat character, whose name I do not yet know. We see this character in the trailer transform from a regular black cat into a super cartoonish cat burglar character. It looks like Atlus learned the importance of an easily recognizable mascot character with Teddie, and they seem to be retreading those grounds. I’m curious to see what this character’s story is about, but I can’t help but be a little cynical as to the design and need for such a character to begin that.

Finally there’s that little transformation sequence at the end. It’s kind of sinister looking, and the main character’s eyes even turn yellow. We’ve seen characters with yellow eyes before, but I can’t help but notice that’s the same color as a Shadow self. However, Shadows can’t summon Personas (long story short: they’re the same thing), and there’s clearly a Persona Summoning sound at the end. This is more than likely just how the main character summons his Persona, rather than swallowing the business end of an evoker or flip kicking a card.

Those are some of the things I noticed in the trailer. Did you catch anything I might have missed? What did you think of the trailer? Have you acquired maximum excitement for Persona 5 as I have?

As a bonus for sticking with me through this article, here’s the trailer to Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the PSVita. It’s a rhythm game featuring remixes of Persona 4 songs and looks fantastic.


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