News: Nintendo announces two DLC packs for Mario Kart 8

Super Smash Kart is happening!!! (Sort of…)

For a while now I’ve been wanting a version of Super Mario Kart that takes the Super Smash Bros. approach and mixes in characters and karts based on Nintendo’s other franchises, like Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda. It appears that, through DLC for Mario Kart 8, I’m getting my wish.

Giant Bomb reports that Nintendo of Europe has given away the information on two upcoming packs for the popular kart racer. The first one, set for release in November, includes four vehicles, eight courses, and three characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and Link.

The second pack, which is scheduled for release in May of 2015, will include 3 new characters (Animal Crossing Villager, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser), 2 new cups with 8 more tracks total, and 4 new vehicles. No information is directly given about what the new courses or karts are, but you can see some of them in screenshots on Nintendo of Europe’s store page. Also, if you purchase both DLC bundles, you get new colors for Shy Guy and Yoshi!

The release dates seem kind of far, given the game’s release last May, but keep in mind that Mario Kart titles tend to continue selling long after their release. On top of that, this shows that Nintendo is taking DLC seriously, and isn’t working on it as much during development. That, plus the time they spend testing each course to make sure it’s absolutely perfect, means that this is going to take time. It sounds like some great content will continue to come to one of the year’s best games.

What do you think of the announced DLC? Any characters you’d like to see come to Mario Kart? I’m still hoping for a motorcycle shaped like Epona for Link to ride! Leave your ideas in the comments below!

Review: Mount Your Friends

The next great eSport.

At first glance, Mount Your Friends is dumb. It’s a game about stacking people sporting unsettling dick physics. But at it’s heart is a unique, QWOP like competitive game, whose lightheartedness makes it welcoming and engaging, if not strangely hypnotic in a way.

The game, from the one-man-army at Stegosaurus Games, is played best with a controller and with friends on Steam. The purpose is to take turns each walking your character using the four face buttons, one each assigned to a limb, towards a tower of men and reach the top. The first player who can’t reach the top in the time limit is eliminated, and play continues until only one player remains.

If you’re not comfortable with the subject matter, that is to say dudes with flailing schlongs climbing atop each other for sport, then I can’t honestly say you’ll enjoy the core gameplay. It’s the combination of this utterly ridiculous subject matter and the very silly control mechanism that makes it such a delight. Of course, the more friends you can get involved, the better. I liken it to a game of Jenga: you can play by yourself, but ultimately it’s more fun with three other friends all laughing about how silly the whole thing is.

There are multiple game modes, but all of them center around the same general premise of dude stacking. Mostly, you can change settings to control the physics, or play horizontally rather than vertically. You can play online or locally as well, and considering it was made by one guy, the whole thing works impressively well.The best feature allows you to customize your characters. You can pick from a preset stack of items, accessories, and colors, or you can import your own images to make whatever freak of nature you want!

My overall recommendation is to grab a group of 4 people on an online voice chat, or locally, and just dive into this cheap, potentially disturbing, easily hilarious little package as soon as possible. You won’t likely regret a thing.