Smash Bros. – The Next Generation: Luigi

That Green Guy



The Year of Luigi finally paid off for Smash fans who got a few glimpses at one of the original 12. Everybody’s favorite second/green banana Luigi will once again be gracing us with his uhm… Well he certainly is unique, isn’t he?


What few screenshots we’ve seen display nothing terribly new. I doubt we’ll see any ghost vacuums or big hammers… Just the usually unusual manner in which we’ve grown accustomed to watching Luigi rocket across the stage just because. He’s even got his really weird taunts still!

"Bang bang!"
“Bang bang!”

Really, nothing about Luigi bothered me, so I’m not sure what’s left for him to do other than to come back and stand his guard. His Final Smash in Brawl was really awkward, albeit strangely fitting. It wasn’t terribly useful, though, so maybe we’ll see a change up there. I’d mimic the sequence of Luigi trying to capture a ghost from Luigi’s Mansion, allowing the player to drag Luigi all over the stage and just blasting anyone that he hits.

"So long!"
“So long!”

If alternate costumes become a thing at some point, it might be found that Luigi’s a bit of a hard guy to dress. His Super Mario Strikers outfit is neat, but doesn’t really capture that “Luigi” feel. The only really decent reference I could think of was The Mysterious Mr. L. If we’re being honest here, Sakurai-san seems content to make Luigi the poster boy for randomness, and so I think if we got any kind of alternate costume for him, there’s no way we’ll see it coming.

That Guy in Green is back, and looks as awesome as ever! What changes would you make for our new Smash games? I’d love to hear your thoughts on our venerable viridian veteran below!